One Year

One year. One whole year. It was one year ago today, September 12, 2016, that I met my host family, that I moved in to my new home. That I said goodbye to my YAGM cohort that I had lived with and come to love over the past three weeks for what would be probably … More One Year

Doing Dishes

“I’ll do the dishes tonight, I love doing dishes!” I told my new housemate on the first night we stayed together. Earlier that day we had been shown the dishwasher and instructed how to use it since it wasn’t a typical built-in machine. From the moment he said dishwasher, I knew I wouldn’t use it. … More Doing Dishes

The Bucket Fillers

      There is a popular children’s book, at least among early education teachers, called The Bucket Fillers or Filling your Bucket, or something along those lines. It talks about how we all have an invisible bucket that is filled when people do and say nice things to us, but is emptied when things … More The Bucket Fillers

A Week in the Life

It’s difficult for me to say what I do, because my time here isn’t about what I do. It’s about being here with my family and friends and students and community, learning and living and growing together. So, the best way I know to share what I do is to share my schedule. I’ve never … More A Week in the Life

Easter, for me

This started as a poem, but it lost it’s rhythm along the way. So it’s mostly just a lot of words and thoughts and stories stacked together. Easter, for me, was always church. Sure there were usually baskets with chocolate  like, not really good chocolate, but easter chocolate and those little eggs wrapped in colored … More Easter, for me