The Bucket Fillers

      There is a popular children’s book, at least among early education teachers, called The Bucket Fillers or Filling your Bucket, or something along those lines. It talks about how we all have an invisible bucket that is filled when people do and say nice things to us, but is emptied when things … More The Bucket Fillers

Easter, for me

This started as a poem, but it lost it’s rhythm along the way. So it’s mostly just a lot of words and thoughts and stories stacked together. Easter, for me, was always church. Sure there were usually baskets with chocolate  like, not really good chocolate, but easter chocolate and those little eggs wrapped in colored … More Easter, for me


Today is Ash Wednesday. For as long as I can remember, on Ash Wednesday I would always go to church and have ashes put on my forehead. As a child I went with my mom, usually right after dinner. As a youth I usually went with friends, often eating dinner at church beforehand. During college, … More Dust

Walk With Me

Walk With Me Hanna says, her arm outstretched to take my hand. I have little legs, go my speed. Walk With Me My student says, and for the third time in ten minutes tells me Khnom Oht Yeul. And I know I need to start over. Walk With Me Sokry says, when she gives me … More Walk With Me

The Countdown

About the time December started, Sreyleak begin asking me if I was going to be around for the countdown. At first I didn’t know what she meant, but I soon realized she was talking about New Year’s Eve. “We’re having a party! I want to grill chicken!” She told me. “Yes, I will be here.” … More The Countdown